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Home Users / Residential Wireless

With the proliferation of laptops, Macbooks, iPads and smartphones - having a reliable, secure and high-performing wireless network has become an essential utility in any home.


Extending a wireless network

You already have a wireless network in your house, but the coverage does not extend to all areas.


Upgrading a wireless network

You already have an existing wireless network, but it is not performing quite as well as you would like it to perform.


Securing a wireless network

You have a wireless network in your home which you feel is not secure enough.


Troubleshooting your Wireless Network

You can use certain applications whilst using an Ethernet (wired) connection but not when using wireless. This is usually indicative of a configuration issue or fault with your wireless router, access point or wireless device. We work with all brands of wireless router including Netgear, Belkin, Dlink and Apple Airport.

Frequently Asked Question:

I need extend my wireless network to reach an office / bedroom in my house that is not in covered by my existing network. Will a wireless repeater or extender work?

We work with all types of ISP modem including UPC, Eircom, Vodafone and Magnet.

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