Data Cabling Solutions

Small Business / Branch Office

There are certain circumstances where a wired connection will be needed in lieu of a wireless solution.

These include:


Insurmountable RF interference

There will be situations whereby the RF interference is so strong, it becomes impractical or uneconomic to include a particular area in the wireless coverage zone. For example, a building with solid concrete walls and metal shelving might mean signal attenuation would be so high, a mixed network (wired and wireless network) would be the only viable option. This would involve a cable into the coverage zone which then connects to a wireless access point.


Security Applications

There have been many cases reported in the Irish media whereby wireless security alarms have been disabled by wireless jammers. As a result, for applications like alarms and IP cameras, sometimes the most secure connection is actually a wired one.


Safety Applications

Certain facilities such as chemical laboratories are still hesitant about using wireless in an explosive environment for fear that RF signals may cause ignition of certain chemical compounds.

We offer complete CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 data cabling solutions.

  • Data cabling that is fully tested and guaranteed.
  • Data cabling installed by qualified and experienced engineers.
  • Data cabling which is rolled out in an aesthetically pleasing way.
  • Data cabling which uses premium branded cable.
  • Data cabling that meets current Health and Safety at Work Act 2005 regulations.

The costs incurred by poorly designed or implemented data cable networks can be staggering. These can include intermittent faults such as data packet loss to more serious faults such as network outages.