Wireless Hotspots


About Us

Our mission is simple. We set-up and maintain wireless networks for residential, small business, branch office and educational users.

Our staff have nearly 20 years of cumulative experience of setting-up and maintaining wireless networks working in the multinational and SME sectors.


We believe wireless networks should be reliable, secure and high-performing.

Router We believe that wireless networks are just an enabler for you to achieve your business goals or simply give you the freedom to access the internet anywhere in your workplace or home.
Router We believe the best wireless networks exceed the expectations of their owners.
Router We believe that corporate-grade wireless networks should not be off-limits to small business, branch office, educational or home users.
Router We believe that wireless networks should offer a cost-effective solution.
Router We believe that wireless networks should be backed-up by excellent after-service care by technicians who speak plain English.